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Surface II was the second exhibition to be presented at The Crypt Gallery by curators Louise Harrington and Fiona Chaney. This unique gallery space located in the heart of Central London instils an atmosphere of timeless serenity; a space in which the artists participating in Surface II reflected upon and continued themes explored during the first exhibition, Surface I, presented at The Crypt Gallery during the summer of 2011.

The notion of surface remains a tantalising and surprising constant, a question never far from language, thought and practice within the arts, science and philosophy. From the ancient world of Aristotle to the Twentieth Century of Avrum Stroll, the perception and interpretation of surface has excited profound and often contradictory points of view. The beginning and end of a questionable boundary, to be crossed or not? A provocative demarcation of differences and similarities whether constructed or evolved? A tactile or phenomenological experience where the qualities of surface share a complex relationship of interactions and possibilities, a balance between the physical and the psychological? Is surface a facade obscuring an object or image, or the visible plane of a hidden geometry in which space and object form an inseparable relationship? Is surface line, edge or space, or an expression of time or critical disturbance?

In Surface II, a multi-disciplinary exhibition, selected artists employed a range of media to explore the notion of surface, with each practitioner demonstrating an individual interpretation and perspective by exploring the inescapable, immediate and continuous surface of walls that turn corners, follow corridors, entering recesses and alcoves within The Crypt Gallery space.

A book accompanying this exhibition can be viewed at:


Participating artists: Louise Harrington, Fiona Chaney, Sophie Cordery, Regina Valkenborgh, Lyndsey Searle, David Donald, Hazel Walsh, Stephen Buckeridge, Juliet Guiness, Sarah King. Sineid Codd, Susan Eyre, Kelvin Burr, Amy-Louise Watson, Jessie Rayat, Nina Ciuffini, Helene Uffren, Jo Lovelock, Sarah Rose Allen, Debbie Lyddon, Susan Francis, Samantha Blanchard, Rawmatterial

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